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Dragon's Blood musical is about a conflict between a father vampire (Vladimir) and a son vampire (Vandar) over the affections of a beautiful young human woman (Angela).  Vandar wants to become human in order to keep Angela's love.  Vladimir wants to turn Angela into his vampire bride. Lucinda was Vladimir's wife and Vandar's mother.  Although she is deceased, she does appear in the musical!  Dr. Datura is a mad scientist, who has invented a device, the FluxReversatron, that can turn a vampire into a human. Dr. Datura is Angela's father but they are estranged, due to Dr. Datura having experimented on his daughter (which has given her a very strange disease).  Travis is Angela's boyfriend, who causes a tragedy to occur for Angela.  Borona is Dr. Datura's assistant. Vladimir and Vandar each have their own pet dragon (each about the size of a large wolf).

This musical has 8 scenes, which are held at 4 locations:  1) Dr. Datura's Laboratory, 2) the Vampire cave, 3) a Beach by the ocean, and 4) a Cabin in the forest.

The 2-CD set contains 56 tracks.  The first track contains the above information, described by the narrator (who, at occasional points during the musical, describes events that the listeners can not see.)  Dialog segments and song segments are on separate tracks.  There are 24 songs that are sung throughout this 2.5-hour musical. You can hear samples of each dialog and song track at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/michaeldyer10

If you are interested in putting on this musical as a stage production, you can go to the Products area of this website and purchase the script/libretto, lead-sheets for the 24 songs, and information about how to obtain a performance license.

The roles are performed by the following artists:  Andrew Abaria (as Vandar), Aelim Chedry (as Vladimir), Michael Dyer (as Borona and also Narrator), Ellie Jepperson (as Angela), Jani Kosturski (as Dr. Datura), Macain Treat (as Travis), and Amy May Wilson (as Lucinda).

Here is a link to an animated promotion video that I made (located on my Youtube channel), in which Vladimir sings the title song:


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