2. The Trek

Michael Dyer


The guitar for this song is tuned to a low-C balanced tuning. This "mystical folk-rock" song goes through many different chords (especially when compared to standard folk-rock songs). The chords used are: A#, Cm, C#, D, D#, E, F, Gm, G, and G#. I was deep into seeking spiritual enlightenment at the time that I wrote it.


THE TREK Michael Dyer © 2006 A caravan of oxen lumber slowly near the place where I have slumbered. Can the morning’s semi-pace, have encumbered me so soon? As the crust my sore eyes hold in, opens, rusting iron bells do toll in the town I am to lose my soul in, down the road. Many days in lonely mountains, with a sun-trekked path and the only sounds in my head, of voices dead and companions lost, long ago. As I stand the hopeful gather. They wail and kneel but it doesn’t matter. With scattered souls running pitter-patter. Seeking the blest, but finding no rest. Can the mystic nymph of laughter, hold me back from the now and here-after? Can the priestess, with a subtle kiss, release me from this abyss? Can the child-man sage’s vision, come to one when one’s of age And the grave and death’s derision let me go? If so, I draw nearer and I soon will know.

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