7. The Dawn is Still

Michael Dyer


I was camping out while building a geodesic dome in the woods of New Hampshire (with some good friends) at the time that I started writing this song.


THE DAWN IS STILL Michael Dyer © 2006 The dawn is still, within our sheets we still are warm. The night rain has gone, with some midnight storm. My love is pressing, close to me, closed are her eyes. My lips brush hers. They open without surprise. She turns and curls up, with the memory of her dreams. I have the same dreams too. It’s what our love should mean. Throughout the night, our darkened eyes gave not a glance To catch forever, there’s not, not a single chance. Oh why does all that starts, always have to have an end? Why can’t all broken hearts, only simply mend? A dewy maze, of gossamer, upon the ground. Our sleepy haze and the dawn’s, the dawn’s approaching sound. My wistful mind is like the frosted window pane. As it will find, only memories will remain. Oh! only if the night right now could put the sun to sleep. This morning, when she must leave, would never come.

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