7. So Imminent

Michael Dyer


The song was inspired by Santana. I don't play the flute. I produced the flute-sounding riffs by playing keyboard with a flute-like sound effect.


SO IMMINENT Michael Dyer © 2006 We’re so, imminent; so very, imminent. Don’t say your love’s been already spent, on others, When we’re so, imminent; so very, imminent. I’m not trying just to rent your love, Not just borrow, then leave a dent in your love. Your love won’t get a single scratch or scrape. I won’t let it get all bent out of shape. It won’t need any patches or duct tape. ‘Cause we’re so, imminent; so very, imminent. Our future has to, forget our past to, Circumvent any wrong intent to… Better nothing than something intermittent. I’ve been following your wicked scent, No matter how far or where it went. You don’t have to be the least bit penitent, ‘Cause to me, you’re oh, so heaven-sent. Don’t say your love is, now all spent, when we’re so, Imminent. There’s nothing that you need to recant. You’re in me now like a heart implant. My heart beats just for your special essence. Oh, for your wild luminescence Let’s grab the last chance to advance. When we’re so, imminent, So very, Imminent.

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