2. Turnin' Me Blue

Michael Dyer


This new song was inspired by a guitar chord sequence I discovered, which is: Em G A7 A# A7 Em7add4. I was considering the cold/temperature-sense of the word "blue" and that is I how came up with the title. In most blues songs the person is down on their luck but I wanted this song to also reveal the reason why this might be the case. Here, the singer's girl has left him, but it's his own fault, because he's chosen a life of crime.


TURNIN' ME BLUE Michael Dyer © 2009 Babe, I've got it made, so why rock the boat? Hit a liquor store today. Can buy ya pearls and fur coats. Babe, why ya gotta leave? When it's all there to take? You're makin' me grieve, When ya say it's a mistake. Life of crime's a thrill, But you're layin' on some heavy chill. You're so cold and that's so new. You're turnin' me blue. Babe, you're turnin' me blue. Babe, you're turnin' me blue. After all we've been thru, To feel ice cold and blue. Got no peace of mind. In such a bind. There's a fork in my road: Life of pork roast, speed and gold, Or a poor's man's heavy load. I'd be gettin' bought and sold. Stay now. Don't ya leave. Don't ya make me grieve. Don't throw harsh chills, on my new life of thrills. You're so cold. Makes me feel old. Cold wind blows right thru, my bare skin and bones. Turnin' me so blue; turnin' me to stone. Cold wind blows right thru, Turnin' me so blue. O-oh yea.

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