4. Exhaustion

Michael Dyer


I composed both the music and the lyrics to this new song on a very hot spring night. I was tossing and turning in bed and could not sleep because there was a Santa Ana heat spell. The air was so still and oppressive and since I couldn't sleep I decided to write a song about how I was feeling at that moment.


EXHAUSTION Michael Dyer © 2009 I lie awake in the naked night. Can't sleep in spite of, Exhaustion. My body burns. My heart just yearns, twists and turns, in Exhaustion. My skin sheds tears as my eyes are seared, With shimmering sight, in the black of night. Visions of you, I must pursue. My soul now aches, with Exhaustion. Your eyes glow in, the shadows and sin. Your hair blows in, the dark night wind. Your breasts now rise as your lips now sigh. Your arms stretch high in the starless sky. Oh, reach out to me. Reach out to me, With your spells of sweet, sweet sorcery. Oh, Exhaustion. Can no longer see; only feel the bed; just sheets instead, in Exhaustion. Your warm, soft skin. Where has it been? Oh, the state I'm in, of Exhaustion. I'm so bewitched, in a fever pitch. Toss and turn. Burn and yearn, For your wicked charms, a love that harms. In the blacken heat, your scent, so sweet, But you're not there. Just hot night air. Like your flowing hair, in Exhaustion. I hope out there, somewhere you care. I stare and stare, through the black night air, in Exhaustion.

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