5. Physical Woman

Michael Dyer


I was thinking of Janis Joplin (who could really sing the blues) and that inspired me to write this blues song, which is meant to be belted out "nice 'n' slow" and with bluesy vocal improvisations.


PHYSICAL WOMAN Michael Dyer © 2009 Gotta tell ya somethin' woman. Gotta tell ya right now. Ya say you're attracted to, Some egghead man. Some intellectual who, Claims a high I. Q. But what can his incorporeal mind really do? With a physical woman, Oh, such a physical, Physical woman, yeah, such a physical, Physical woman, like you? Like you, like you. He can, no way, give ya a good, hard-lovin' time. With his insubstantial, immaterial mind. His soft brain won't never, ever, Drive you insane, The way my body I can, 'Cause you're a physical woman who demands, A physical, a real physical, man. Physical man. Ya say he's educated and so very polite. But he won't educate you, The way I can do, tonight. In spite of his outta-sight, high, high I. Q. Ya don't want a soft, egghead in your bed. Need a man strong and firm. Not some outta-breath little worm. Need someone who can, Can lift and can shove, In the ways of love. The ways, the ways of love. The ways, the ways of love. You're a physical woman. Ya need and demand, A physical woman, Needs and demands, A real, physical man, physical man. You're my physical woman!

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