6. Young-Old-Man Blues

Michael Dyer


This is a more bluesy rearrangement of my song "Young Old Man" which appeared originally in my first CD: Nothing Seems Like What It Seems.


YOUNG-OLD-MAN BLUES Michael Dyer © 2009 (Derived from Dyer's song "Young Old Man" © 2006) In a morning's misty dawn, a young man hears a song. A distant, A distant song. Her voice, so soft and pure. But then, But then it’s gone. He knows, she may not come again, So he hurries, at all cost. Be sure to find her, Before his love is lost. That young man, he’s filled with longing. He knows that by belonging, He’ll find bliss, Oh, with the morning mist. In an ev'nin's twilight hour, an old man views a flower, One fadin' flower. He’s waitin' for its death to come, With the settin', Oh, with the settin' sun. He knows, that tomorrow, new ones, Will appear, As they do, Oh, year after year. But a melancholy still lingers, He touches that dyin' flower with dyin' fingers, 'Cause it's lost, Oh, it's lost forever. That old man, he's filled with sorrow. Oh will he ever see tomorrow? Oh, his love is done, is done, is done. With the settin', Oh, with the settin' sun.

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