13. Atheist's Lament

Michael Dyer


I thought it would be interesting to write a philosophical blues song. I first wrote a poem representing an atheist's point of view. Then I drastically modified the poem to become lyrics that would match the rhythm of the music.


Michael Dyer
© 2010

With a soul I could survive my demise.
Enjoy that heaven religions surmise.

But if dreams and schemes are just functions of brain,
When mine goes lame, gone! Who's to blame?

They say souls created on conception. Then last forever without exception.
But if I'm nowhere before my birth, Won't I be nowhere when all that earth,
Covers my corpse, distorting, it warps,
In repose, decomposing all of my hopes?

All joy and love, all pleasure and hurt,
Revert to that dark, crumbling dirt.

Despite insistin' on something more,
Despite resistin' a death we abhor,
It's approaching, so try and make sense,
Of our imminent nonexistence.

Some see proof in miracles, I don't mean to be satirical,
But hordes of pilgrims to places like Lourdes,
Their vision magically restored,
Had diseases with bouts of remission.
Despite their ambitions, those thought cured,
In time became stone blind.

No god there, no reason, no rhyme.

Did a god create complexity? In seven days, such perplexity.
But evolution has, with no designer,
Made things so fine, even so much finer.
Than we humans have engineered,
Just what all those religions feared.

Plenty left for mass extinctions,
We're fossils soon, with no distinctions.

So who still needs an atheist's lament?
Those who fear being now hell bent.

Can't believe, but hope to retrieve,
Divine intent that's heaven sent.
(Imminent, divine intent. Two thousand years, still unsent.)
(Imminent, divine intent. Two thousand years, still unsent.)

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