DRAGON'S BLOOD is different from my prior CDs because it is a radio-play/musical.  The characters in this musical (who perform the dialogs and provide the vocals for the songs) are:

Andrew Abaria as Vandar (the handsome young vampire); Aelim Chedry as

My 9th CD is titled:  What I Just Found. It contains 1 instrumental piece (Celestial Arrival 1) and 13 songs.  One song is a bit jazzy (You Augment Me).  Another song is 

My 8th CD is BLUES BRULEE. It consists of 12 soft blues songs and one instrumental track. Most songs feature 

New CD: Blues Souffle just released July 13, 2010 on CDBaby.com! It contains 12 soft-blues songs, an instrumental piece and 

Nov. 6, 2009: New CD Christmas Comes Just Once A Year was just released on 

Different songs from my five CDs are available for streaming at these different sites:

This CD was released May 12, 2008 on CDBaby.com. It contains 12 songs. 

I received a very nice email from RadioIndy.com, which states: "We screen thousands of songs by indie artists and name the best artists RadioIndy.com Gold Artists. We focus on

This CD was released Feb. 5, 2008 on CDBaby.com. It contains 12 songs.

iLike is a new music-listening/ranking website that is linked to Garageband.com, so the same 3 songs that are there are now available for streaming at www.iLike.com. 

It's fun to report that the CD Aboriginal Angel has been requested by radio stations all over the world, with CDs shipped to the following countries: Central African Republic: Joy Radio 89.6 FM Netherlands:

I have uploaded 6 songs to AmieStreet.com. This is a music downloading site that has a very interesting approach to rewarding music buyers and to helping unknown artists get recognition for their music. When a song is first uploaded by an artist to AmieStreet.com anyone can buy it for free, but as more people buy it, the purchase price of the song rises. For example, 

I received a very nice review by Dan MacIntosh (of www.Indi-Music.com). He compares me to: Roger McGuinn (of the Byrds),

SongVault.fm is a website where artists can post up to 3 songs without charge and then listeners vote on them. SongVault contains 4 tiers. Songs enter at tier-1 (Showcase Radio) and if they survive that tier, then they get moved up to tier-2 (Indie Hit Radio) which has a maximum of 100 songs within a given genre. If they survive that tier then 

After producing 3 CDs of folk-rock songs, I have composed my first strictly instrumental solo guitar piece, titled "Hummingbird in Flight". It is inspired by Rimsky-Korsakoff's "The Flight of the Bumble Bee".

At this site I have 3 songs available for streaming. For the first time I checked that site's music charts to see how my songs were doing (on this date of 6/11/07). Using the filters: This-Month, Most-Played, All-Regions (of the world), and the category of Folk, my song "Sun Beneath the Ground" was ranked #1 (!) and under the Folk-Rock category it was ranked #7, which is

I was interviewed live (over the phone) by an internet radio station: ArtistFirst World Radio Network, on Tuesday, May 22, and 

I received a very nice email from Douglas Newsom, the Co-Founder & CEO of BBSRadio.com. He said "I really enjoyed your music. The more I listened, the more I liked..." and he said that 

I have noticed music clips of all artists, that Amazon.com makes available, are of not very good quality. iTunes quality is better. The clips at

If you go to the Music area, you can now hear 2-minute samples of each song and if

If you go to the Music area, you can now hear 2-minute samples of each song and if you click on a song title you will be able to see its lyrics. This CD is now available for purchase at CDBaby.com. A link to that site is in the Buy area.

Please look in my Bio and you will see a list of artists that some listeners think I sound similar to. Please submit via email your description of any artist you think I sound like (and why) and if 

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