Contact me if you want to put on Dragon's Blood musical

To put on a stage production of the Dragon's Blood musical, all you need to get started is: (1) the 2-CD set (or downloads of the songs, which you can obtain at, (2) the lead sheets to the songs, (3) the script/libretto, and (4) a performance license.  Contact me to obtain this license.  I will request certain information about your group (e.g., where/when, how many performances, estimated ticket prices/sales, and other relevant info.) and then grant you a license to do those performances.  The license cost is calculated based on info. gathered and is very reasonable (in many cases under $200.)

Buy Script/Libretto for Dragon's Blood musical ($9.99)

This script/libretto is 68 pages and contains dialog and lyrics, in musical theater format.  After I am notified of your purchase I will email it to you as a pdf file.

Buy single (or all) lead sheets to Dragon's Blood songs

The Dragon's Blood musical contains 24 songs.  You can purchase the lead sheet to any individual song for $1.10 or you can purchase all 24 songs for $20.00 (a savings of $6.40). Each lead sheet contains a score with melody, lyrics, and chord symbols. The notes specified are those sung in the Radio Play version of the musical.  Once I have been notified of a purchase I will email to you the specified lead sheet(s), as a pdf file(s).  If you specify all 24 lead sheets then I will email to you a zip file that, when unzipped, will contain all 24 lead sheets.

All 24 lead sheets to Dragon's Blood songs ($20.00)

1. "Angel's Hug" lead sheet ($1.10)

2. "Weep For My Savage Soul" lead sheet ($1.10)

3. "Shadows of the Wind" lead sheet ($1.10)

4. "That Moment So Still" lead sheet ($1.10)

5. "Luck of the Night" lead sheet ($1.10)

6. "The Dawn is Still" lead sheet ($1.10)

7. "You're the One" lead sheet ($1.10)

8. "Thrills of the Night" lead sheet ($1.10)

9. "Ocean's Wishing Well" lead sheet ($1.10)

10. "Union of Souls" lead sheet ($1.10)

11. "No New Life To Dream Of" lead sheet ($1.10)

12. "So Imminent" lead sheet ($1.10)

13. "Do You Want The You" lead sheet ($1.10)

14. "The Coming Day" lead sheet ($1.10)

15. "The Trek" lead sheet ($1.10)

16. "Doesn't Matter" lead sheet ($1.10)

17. "Dragon's Blood" lead sheet ($1.10)

18. "Recipe for Love" lead sheet ($1.10)

19. "Last Gasp of Love" lead sheet ($1.10)

20. "Our Unwinding Time" lead sheet ($1.10)

21. "If I Could Undo" lead sheet ($1.10)

22. "Darkest Night of My Soul" lead sheet ($1.10)

23. "As You Lay Down" lead sheet ($1.10)

24. "Old Gold Bands" lead sheet ($1.10)

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