From the recording Our Love Crimes

I'd playing around with the chord progression: G G+ Em G+ (which reminded me vaguely of some old show-tune that I can't recall).  A few days later the idea came to me of drawing a parallel between criminal activities and love-making.  I also liked the challenge of finding appropriate rhymes for the crime-related words in the song, such as: "misdemeanor", "escapades", "heist", "frisk", "villain", "capers", "hijack", "larceny" and "loot". 


Michael Dyer
© 2010
I'll never raid your treasure vault again,
Never the pleasure of soft-night assaults again.
I'll never get to steal your heart again.  Never get to spend those times again, 
Plannin' our love crimes, 
We started with simple misdemeanors,
Our getaways, then, were so much cleaner,
Than our later escapades, with masks and masquerades, 
 That betrayed us, with their ricochets.
You think I played the villain, but you were, oh, so willin',
Spendin' our time, plannin' love crimes, oh, our love crimes.
I'll never frisk you in a lovers' heist again,
Never risk holding you, enticed again, 
In my arms, your silver charms.  Your gems so nice and high-priced. 
In our love crimes sublime.
I'll never see your hidden loot again,
This time you've left me, destitute to spend,
My prison term alone, bein' made now to atone, for our love crimes.
With wigs and false papers, in our hideaway,
What wild, crazy capers, we still could've played.
Those nocturnal spots, we did like to hit.  
Such acts of passion that we would commit. So hot and illegit!
I'll never rob your magic bank again.  
It's tragic, just myself to thank again. 
I did not intend, for us to end, this way.
Love's criminology, our larceny's debris. It guaranteed we'd be, 
Givin' each other, the 3rd degree. 
I think you played the villain, but I was, oh, so willin'. 
When you skipped town, with our ill-gotten games,
I fell to the ground, feelin' shot, feelin' maimed.  It was so insane.
I'll never hijack your train again,
Love attacks and thefts left me bereft, in pain again.
Servin' solitary time, relivin' in my mind, our love crimes, 
Oh, our love crimes.
I'll never steal your heart again.  Never be part of your crime sprees again.
Our capers, now misty vapor, felonies on the breeze, of our love crimes, oh,
Our love crimes.