Welcome to my web site! I'm a singer/songwriter who composes melodic soft-rock, folk-rock, light blues, and adult alternative songs. My songs are usually about love and relationships but some are about search for self-enlightenment, war, youth vs. old age, life/death, and the environment (one blues song is even on the economy :-)

In addition to vocals, my song arrangements usually contain guitar leads, rhythm and/or picking, some keyboard, bass and percussion. My recent blues CDs also feature harmonica.

Look at Photos and you will see the covers of my 10 CDs: Dragon's BloodWhat I Just FoundBlues Brulee, Blues Souffle, Christmas Comes Just Once A Year, Aboriginal Angel, Compli-intricated Life, Our Unwinding Time, Butterfly's Release, and Nothing Seems Like What It Seems, along with their release dates. There is also the music score for an instrumental solo-guitar piece that I composed, titled "Hummingbird in Flight".

In the Music area, you can hear a 2 to 3-minute samples of each song (for my first 9 CDs). Click on any CD title to reveal the songs and click on any song title to see its lyrics. (To hide the current lyrics just click the back-page arrow of your web browser.) This area also contains an old performance of the instrumental piece: "Hummingbird in Flight". There is also a 1-hour radio special, in which I am interviewed, along with some songs played from my CD: Aboriginal Angel.

If you want to give me feedback on my music or lyrics, then see Contact area for my email. If you decide that you want to purchase a physical CD or individual mpeg song, you can find them at CDBaby.com or iTunes.

To see my other music websites see Links.

If you are a singer/songwriter, take a look at the articles I have written (about blues and about pitfalls when making music within the rock genre) on my blog. Finally, the News area has a bit of news.

Let me know what you think of my songs! Thanks!


P.s. I also do Venetian-style glass-blowing as a hobby. Some of my glass creations appear on the covers of my first 3 CDs (and my 9th CD).  If you want to see more of my hand-blown glass, click on the link titled: "My Glass Blowing". One example of my glass creations is the one above, of 2 glass spiders facing each other on a mirrored surface.

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