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  1. What I Just Found

From the recording What I Just Found

The music came about because I was interested in using augmented chords in a song.  Also, I happened to know a young woman who was on-again/off-again with her boyfriend.  She worried he might "be the one" and she might have lost him because of having taken him for granted. That conversation developed into the lyrics for the song.  For example, I thought of how someone might cut down another person with clever quips but now regret it and that turned into the verse: "I want to sever every dumb or clever jab that ever made you cry".  Once I had such an odd rhyme ("sever/ever"), I felt that I needed to find correspondingly odd rhymes for the rest of those musical segments (those with augmented chords), in order to keep the song lyrically balanced. As a result, I ended up with the rhymes of: "gather/rather", "feather/tethered" and "blundered/asunder". 


Michael Dyer
© 2009
I want to weather,
All our storms together. 
Make your heart a feather, tethered, 
To the sky.
I wouldn't let you love me. Please, now let me try.
I want to sever, 
Every dumb or clever, 
Jab that ever, 
Made you cry. 
I wouldn't let you love me.  Please, now let me try.
Oh no, don't look away. 
Please stay, just turn around.
I can't stand to loose, 
What I've just found.
I know I've blundered,
Torn your heart asunder.
Now I'm under water and under ground.
I can't stand to loose, 
What I've just found.
I know you'd rather, 
Go and gather, 
All your things and slip away.
Please don't leave me darkness, 
When you make my day.
Oh no, don't let me drown. Toss me some sign or sound.
Oh, how my heart now pounds!  Please, please turn around. 
I can't stand to loose, 
What I've just found.