1. You Augment Me

From the recording You Augment Me

At some point the sentence ("you augment me when I'm diminished") came to me.  I realized that these actions could refer also to augmented and diminished chords.  That gave me the idea of writing lyrics that would refer to different chords and, as they got mentioned, that type of chord would be played.  First, I wrote a poem that referred to different chords, including: 9ths, suspended 4ths, major/minor chords and different types of 7ths.  Then, I started writing the music.  It was a difficult process --  to both match the music to the poem and to modify the poem to fit the changing music.  Not only did the music have to match the mentioned chords, but the resulting lyrics had to associate different chords with different aspects of a woman; for example, she has a "breezy-easy major 7th smile" (and so major 7ths are played at that point). 


Michael Dyer
© 2010
You augment me when I'm diminished.
You cement me when I'm broken, 
Feelin' finished.
But your pure, diminished chords. 
If you play them too often, even though softened,
Will make my soul feel minor, maligned or lost and ignored.
But when you glance toward me with your enhanced, 9th/11th chords, 
I feel, well, I feel, so adored! Such a rich reward!
And your breezy-easy major 7th smile.  
How sweet your style! So worthwhile!
You laugh's a special sound, 
Wondrous to be heard; wondrous to be found!  
Scent of your major 7ths now surrounds me, 
Confounds me, astounds me!
Your movements, to me, are compositions, 
Each with its own conditions and ambitions.
Each gesture, a transposition, 
Of notes, with acquisitions and admissions,
Of love, of love.
And your suspended 4ths:  how splendid, of course!
As you spin to the south or skip to the north,
Unintended force, its effect on me, 
As you dance perfectly.
And your minor 7th eyes, with their hazel nut surprise.  
Let me enter your dreamy reveries.
Your every reverie, will forever be, a time sublime!
And your dominant 7ths, have dominated me, many times before.
Too many to relate.  Doin' so would make me sore.
So prominent and predominant. 
I gotta love all you've got in store!
So many sounds, with their ups and downs, 
That leap and rebound, to confound the senses.
Our music commingles, now duos, now singles,
Our acoustic heights, our nights of delight!
I might never be the same, but that's alright.
'Cause you augment me. You content me, 'til I'm all spent,
Finished and again,