From the recording 2. Naked Singularity

When certain stars die, they collapse and become so dense that their gravity won't allow even light to escape and are termed "black holes". The region at which light is bent back in on itself is called the "event horizon". The physicist Roger Penrose has proposed a "censorship conjecture", namely, that any object with such intense gravity will always be shrouded by an event horizon and we will never be able to know what goes on inside such objects. Other physicists disagree and believe that there may be circumstances in which no event horizon arises. These astrophysicists term such (as yet undiscovered) celestial objects "naked singularities".
The moment I read the phrase "naked singularity" the idea came to me to write a song about such hypothesized cosmic objects, but in a way as to also be a song about a love relationship of great intensity. At that time I already had a melody. To come up with the lyrics I relied on my crude knowledge of gravity. For example, while some physicists believe that gravity itself arises from tiny vibrating strings, others believe that it is due to the interaction of 2-dimensional objects, called "membranes" (also "branes") and some physicists speculate that the spinning and shearing forces of intense gravity may cause time to flow backwards.


You're my naked singularity, My very own cosmic rarity,
No lectures or censorship conjectures, Will change your strange, Space-time sublime.
Your body, of such intensity, Can feel a gravity, Of such depravity, No compromisin'. No event horizon.
Though your soul's exposed, God only knows!
You're my naked singularity, Attracted to my membrane's polarity.
As we're nearin', spinnin' and shearin', All that matters disappears, Within our spheres.
You're my naked singularity, A love obscure and pure, in theory so eerie,
The infinite, I admit, It's an attraction. Your expansions and contractions, End all distractions.
You're a temporal and spatial paradox. Your strings unwindin' all my quantum-lovin' clocks.
You're a temporal and spatial paradox. New worlds open when your portal, Unlocks.
Your gravity waves, I really crave, I crave.
You're my naked singularity, Can feel a gravity, of such depravity,
A love sublime, In our own space-time.
Your shocking waves, What I really crave!