From the recording 6. Blues Brûlée

The strange, falsetto-style of this song came about because I had heard a podcast (on NPR's "Fresh Air") about how Alan Lomax (the famous ethnomusicologist) had recorded the songs of Vera Hall, a school teacher in the late 1930s, and about how she would throw in a kind-of falsetto at the end of her verses, and how unusual that was. Hearing her inspired me to try something similar in this song.


BLUES BRULEEMichael Dyer© 2010
A blues brulee can't be made, Just any old way.
First, ya gotta strain away, All that hate, and soon, Not too late.
A blues brulee can't be made, Just any old way.
Harder to cook than any guilt soufflé.
'Cause ya gotta boil those sorrows away, not tomorrow,But today.
Then ya gotta reduce, Suspicion and misuse. By stirring in lots of sweet sin.
Then peal away all the hurt, so ya won't, Get burnt.
And don't forget the whipped cream, Of lovers' dreams and lovers' schemes.
Gotta be daring, when ya sprinkle on the caring. Don't be sparing, With that caring!
Now serve it hot and on the spot. Takes all ya got, To get it right.
blues brulee ain't no delight, alone. Needs fine wine and tender tone.
Served smooth and blue, it's meant,
Just for two.