At one point I said to my wife "While we're waiting for nothing to happen, we should ..." and she said "That would make a nice title to a song." I then thought of a prison convict dreaming of what he will do when furloughed.


While waitin' for nothin' to happen, while hatin' this hot, heavy work.While waitin' for nothin' to happen, I'm slowly goin' berserk.
I'm dreamin' you're swayin' your hips. And puckerin' up those full, red lips.
I'm dreamin' you're archin' your back,Dreamin' you're all dressed in black.
While pressin' metal plates in the yard, gotta be on guard for a shiv.
Can make men bleed so hard.
While pressin' plates in the prison yard, I'm dreamin' a casino,And platinum credit card.
We're winnin' a ton of chips. Havin' fun while you're lickin' your lips.
Another brandy to savor, sip by sip. Havin' fun, winnin' those chips.
I'm so fantasizin'. It's not so surprisin'. In my mind we dine, On lobster and wine.
Tomorrow, my only crime, will be lovin' you, All the time,
'Cause you're so divine!
Dreamin' too much, for my own good. I feel a jab. It's a shiv,Made of plastic and wood.
Just one more day to go, Before my furlough.Sorry, looks like I might be a no-show.
Red blood turnin' dirt to rusty mud. Collapsin' with a dull, dull thud.
I'm startin' to fade to grey. Just another prison-day cliche.
While waitin' for nothin', nothin' to happen,
Finally nothing,
It came my way.