My 10th CD released!

DRAGON'S BLOOD is different from my prior CDs because it is a radio-play/musical.  The characters in this musical (who perform the dialogs and provide the vocals for the songs) are:

Andrew Abaria as Vandar (the handsome young vampire); Aelim Chedry as Vladimir (the father vampire); Michael Dyer as narrator and as Borona (the assistant to Dr. Datura), Ellie Jepperson as Angela (a beautiful young woman); Jani Kosturski as Dr. Datura (the mad scientist and Angela's father), Macain Treat as Travis (Angela's boyfriend), and Amy May Wilson as Lucinda (Vladimir's wife). 

This radio-play/musical is available starting today as dual CD (and for track download) at 

The musical is 2.5 hours in length and contains 24 song tracks interspersed among 32 dialog tracks. The musical numbers fall into the pop/soft-rock/AC (adult contemporary) genres.

Since each song is on its own track, once the listener is tired of hearing the entire musical, he/she can enjoy the 24 songs on their own by making a playlist of just those tracks.

Let me know what you think! (And see my comments about musicals, posted in my blob.)

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